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Breast Revision

What is a breast revision?

This procedure can remedy a scope of different issues women with breast implants may face, including an implant rupture, rippling, asymmetry, sagging, or capsular contracture. Some people with implants may even experience implant malposition, which is when the breast implants have moved from the position in which they were placed. A breast revision can also be used to correct symmastia, otherwise known as a “uniboob”. This can occur when the breast implants are placed too close together to form cleavage. Some women who just want the size or shape adjusted can get it done with a breast revision.

Should I consider a breast revision?

You may want to look into a breast implant revision if you are dealing with asymmetry, sagging, capsular contracture, malposition, or symmastia. If you have an implant rupture, the sooner you get that remedied, the better.

Average Cost

While the cost of the breast implant revision varies depending on factors such as the type of implant and where you are located, the average cost for this procedure is $8,100. Be sure to schedule a consultation to get a quote from your Bella Bella surgeon.