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Fat Transfer

What is fat transfer?

This cosmetic procedure takes your own fat from other areas of your body and adds it to other areas of the body to enhance the contour of your body.

Is fat transfer for me?

If you have extra fat in other areas of your body, but would like to have it moved to other areas, this procedure could be for you! You can remove unwanted fat from areas like your hips, thighs, or stomach and add them to areas you would like to add volume to, such as the breasts or buttocks.

Average Cost

Depending on where you are removing the fat, how much is being moved, and where you want it placed, pricing for a fat transfer has a lot of varying factors. One of the more common procedures is breast augmentation using fat transfer and the average cost for that is around $9,150. To find out how much it would be to achieve your cosmetic goals, contact Bella Bella!